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Rockville, Maryland, June 19, 2006 - The Tower Companies ( and Lerner Enterprises, both of North Bethesda, MD, announce the development of 2000 Tower Oaks Boulevard, the world's largest commercial application of Green/Vedic design and development, combining LEED™ (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) "Gold" building certification, for superior air quality, high recycled content, and energy and water efficiency, with Vedic architectural principles of proper Orientation, Placement and Proportion, to enhance occupant productivity, health and success.

Designed by award-winning McLean, Virginia-based architects Kishimoto-Gordon-Dalaya, 2000 Tower Oaks Boulevard to be located at Tower Oaks Boulevard and Wootton Parkway in Rockville, Maryland, has been designed to answer some of the most pressing concerns in America today, including rising energy costs, the imminent need to curb global warming through the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, the huge economic cost associated with sick building syndrome, and the ability to enhance worker performance in today's competitive global market. As an industry, real estate consumes 40% of the electricity in the U.S., 30% of raw materials and is responsible for 40% of atmospheric emissions. Additionally, EPA estimates that people spend 90% of their time indoors. "The combination of these factors illustrates how developers can act as custodians of the built environment, play a major role in lessening the environmental impact of development and enhance worker health and productivity through industry-leading projects such as this one," said Marnie Abramson, a Principal of The Tower Companies.

Environmental benefits of 2000 Tower Oaks Boulevard include the dramatic reduction of air pollution that may cause 'sick building syndrome' by removing 85% of airborne pollutants and replacing 100% of the air in the building every 55 minutes. Air quality is also positively impacted by the use of healthier building materials which do not emit toxic gasses. This building will also reduce energy consumption by 41%, water consumption by 48% and entirely satisfy the energy needs of the building from purchased Green tags representing 100% wind energy.

2000 Tower Oaks Boulevard changes the criteria companies use when choosing where to occupy their businesses. Businesses can now look at rent as an investment in their human capital, which is widely acknowledged to be a company's most crucial investment. This investment is maximized by renting in Green/Vedic buildings. Rent is only 8% of a company's total cost; about 80% of costs are employee-related. "2000 Tower Oaks Boulevard is designed to impact people in positive ways making them more productive, efficient and successful. Studies have shown that increasing employee's productivity through better thermal controls, day lighting, air quality and architecture of their work space can often lead to returns that exceed a company's annual rent expense, a concept we call "Return on Rent," added Ms. Abramson.

Using the principals and technologies of Vedic Architecture, these developers complete the picture of health by creating work space that enhances productivity, creativity and success for tenants using defined architectural concepts of proper orientation, proportion and placement. This, in effect, transforms office space it into a dynamic environment that can enhance a company's success, leading Tower and Lerner to believe they have created the healthiest building in Washington.

"People intuitively know that buildings affect us deeply and the best buildings are those that make us feel good, and at their highest can elevate your success. This broadens the possibilities for the buildings we choose to work in. That is what the Vedic approach brings to architecture. It offers our tenants high-performance space designed to promote a dynamic and rewarding work experience, fulfilling the very purpose of building buildings," stated Jeffrey S. Abramson, a Partner at The Tower Companies.

The Tower Companies and Lerner Enterprises have collaborated on numerous landmark developments over the past 30 years including; White Flint Mall, Washington Square at Connecticut Avenue and L Street, N.W., White Flint North, Dulles 28 Centre and several others.

"Together The Tower Companies and Lerner Enterprises are changing the way buildings are being designed and what they can do for employees, corporations, and environments. From energy efficiency and design principles to on-property management, 2000 Tower Oaks Boulevard will set a new standard in office environments," stated Mark D. Lerner, a Principal of Lerner Enterprises.

Additional information regarding the 2000 Tower Oaks Boulevard can be found at: For leasing information, contact Jeffrey K. Diamond ( or Brian F. Tucker ( at Diamond Property Company.

The Tower Companies

Lerner Enterprises

Lerner Enterprises of North Bethesda, MD, founded by Theodore N. Lerner in 1952, is Washington, DC's largest private real estate developer and is involved in all phases of office, retail and residential real estate including planning, development, construction, leasing, asset management and property management. Lerner's portfolio includes several well-known developments including: The Corporate Office Centre at Tysons II, McLean, VA; The Corporate Office Park, Mall and Hotel at Dulles Town Center, Dulles, VA; Washington Square at Connecticut Avenue and L Street, NW, Washington, DC; White Flint North, North Bethesda, MD; 7799 Leesburg Pike, McLean, VA; and 20 M Street, SE, Washington, DC, among others. The Lerner Family has also recently been named the new owners of the Washington Nationals of Major League Baseball.

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